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Dr. Dang Minh Khanh

Dr. Dang Minh Khanh


  • Học Hàm - Học Vị: PhD
  • Lĩnh Vực: Food packaging and bio-based and degradable composite plastic material
  • Đơn Vị: Food Technology Faculty
  • Email:

  • Kinh Nghiệm
    Giảng Dạy
    Nghiên Cứu Khoa Học
    • The effect of chitosan on the characteristics of starch films. 
    • The role and effect of nano mineral clay (halloysite) on the starch composite/poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate)/halloysite
    • Encapsulation of nano halloysite with Vanillin or turmeric starch, and their effects on the inhibition of microorganism growth on the composite package from starch /poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate)/halloysite
    Thực Tế
    • The development of thermoplastic starch blown film by incorporating plasticized chitosan (Journal: Carbohydrate Polymers) (
    • Morphological characteristics and barrier properties of thermoplastic starch/chitosan blown film (Journal: Carbohydrate Polymers) (
    • Morphology and properties of thermoplastic starch blended with biodegradable polyester and filled with halloysite nanoclay (Journal: Carbohydrate Polymers) (
  • Quá Trình Đào Tạo
    • 2007-2011: Bachelor of Engineer – Food Technology –Saigon Technology University
    • 2012-2014: Master – Packaging Technology – Kasetsart University – Bangkok-Thailand
    • 2015-2020: PhD –Kasersart University (Thailand) and Strasbourg University (France)

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