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MSc. Nguyen Thanh Sang

MSc. Nguyen Thanh Sang


  • Học Hàm - Học Vị: Master
  • Lĩnh Vực: Food Technology
  • Đơn Vị: Food Technology Faculty
  • Email:

  • Kinh Nghiệm
    Giảng Dạy
    • Food processing technology 
    • Product development 
    • Technical Mathematic 
    Nghiên Cứu Khoa Học
    • Ethanol fermentation from lignocellulose
    • Micro covering natural compounds
    • Extract natural compounds
    Thực Tế
    • Increased shelf-life for processed honey products
    • Reducing the ability of fruit puree to extract water from the enzyme
    • Add probiotics to fruit purees
  • Quá Trình Đào Tạo
    • Postgraduate – Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

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