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Update 20/04/2020 - 01:00:00 AM (GMT+7)

The Faculty of Information Technology  (FoIT) at STU was founded in accordance with Decision No. 17A-2001/CĐKN, dated May 2nd, 2001.
At present, the FoIT is responsible for providing human sources in the field of Computer Science. The FoIT’s training sections and specilizations are as follows:
Regular programs

  • Bachelor: Applied software technology
  • Associate: Information Technology
  • Bachelor’s completion program
  • Pathway program from an associate’s degree into a bachelor’s degree (1,5 years) 
  • Graphic Design
  • Office administration

The FoIT teaching staff consists of good lecturers from many leading IT universities such as HCMC University of Technology, and HCMC University of Natural Sciences, etc.
The lecturers with engineering, master, and doctors qualifications diretly participate in teaching.
The full time teaching staff is actively developed with dynamic, progressive and experienced lecturers. 
There has been constant improvement in the syllabi, teaching methods and practical skills.
The teaching materials are compiled, referenced, and updated from those in well-known universities and publisher like McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, etc.

The Computer Centre of the FoIT consists of 11 labs that have about 350 computers with network for the Internet access. The Computer system is modernly equipped and able to install and operate kinds of systematic software and applications in order to serve the training of students in the specializations of computer science, and meet the practice of students from the other faculties at STU.
The FoIT curriculum is flexibly and thoroughly designed for students of all different levels, namely: Associate, Bachelor’s Completion, and Bachelor.
The FoIT curriculum is constantly updated with the maxim “Be connected to social needs”, and the traditional developement “Equip learners with professional skills”. Up to now, the curriculum has always been updated with the latest technology so as to help students get opportunities to grasp practical knowledge during their learning process at STU. The courses on modern software technology have been introduced in the curriculum, and those on  web technology  researched for teaching and learning.
Targets of specializations
Specilization of Applied software Technology (Bachelor)
Students are provided with basic and advanced knowledge of programming, knowledge of analysis and designing information systems, knowledge of computer hardware and network. The training program in detail is as follows:

  • Principle of computers
  • Tools and modern programming languages
  • Knowledge of design and database management
  • Skills of analysis and design for projects in information systems
  • Tools of designing applications on the internet
  • Computer network and administration

Specilization of Information Technology (Associate)
In respect to professional skills, engineers with an associate’s degree in IT are able to study by themselves to exploit kinds of software proficiently, get continuing education to exploit kinds of specialized software, and implement the construction of small-sized software or the programming of a medium-sized software module with an available design, take some certain roles in software development projects under their leaders’ supervison. The training program in detail is as follows:

  • General Knowledge of IT
  • Tools and modern programming languages
  • Knowledge of database and anlysis of infomation systems
  • Tools of designing applications on the internet
  • Basic knowledge of skills of hardware and computer network.
  • Fundamental knowledge for higher education.


  • Programming specialists
  • Information system project specialists
  • Internet Application design and construction specialists
  • Computer repair and support specialists
  • Computer room specialists
  • Bachelor and   Bachelor’s Completion
  • Applied software Technology Engineers 
  • Software technology Engineers
  • Information system analys and design specialists 
  • Senior programming engineer
  • Information system management specialists for companies, enterprises, and banks etc.


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