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Update 20/04/2020 - 01:00:00 AM (GMT+7)

The mechatronics engineering is formed from the combination of knowledge of many areas like Electrics, Electronics, Mechanics, Automatic Control, etc. It plays an important role in the revolution of science and technology, and contributes to the improvement of production capacity and quality.
In this trend, Saigon Technology University decided to place the Mechatronics Engineering into its training system in the early years of its foundation. And the Faculty of Mechanics (FoM) at STU is proud to be one of the few units in South Vietnam successful in this training program. Up to now, STU has trained 18 intakes, providing more than 2.500 Mechatronics Engineers with high quality, meeting Vietnam’s needs of socio-economic development.
STU has constantly expanded its training sections: Bachelor, Associate, Bachelor’s Completion, etc. in order to bring maximal oportunities to various kinds of learners.

Over 60% of the full-time lecturers of the FoM are doctors and masters.
Along with the full-time teaching staff, STU has invited several guest lecturers with post-graduate qualifications from other universities in Ho Chi Minh City.
In addition to the expansion of the training scale, STU has invested in building laboratories with modern equippment. The workshops/ labobratories (lab) serve the training of Mechatronics Engineering include:

  • Pneumatics and hydraulics laboratory
  • Mechanics laboratory
  • Automation laboratory
  • Mechanics Workshop

They are all equipped with cutters & peelers, digital controllers such as CNC milling machines, CNC 

Lathes, six-degree Robotics controllers, automatic control engines, measuring instruments, etc.
Anually, STU spends a lot of money maintaining and upgrading the equipment, and purchasing materials for students to conduct experiments in workshops and laboratories.
The training program of Mechatronics Engineering at STU is compiled based on the knowledge combination, and it constantly updated, supplemented with the latest understandings to keep up with the technology development in the world, and simultaneously meet the needs of the production reality in Vietnam
After graduation, the FoM students are capable of:

  • Reforming and designing the components of industrial production lines
  • Exploring and operating devices in many different industries
  • Maintaining, adjusting, repairing industrial devices
  • Researching and performing technology transfer in automatic devices in insdutrial production
  • Also, they are able to do tasks of organiztion, teaching, and management in the units of industrial systems.

The Mechatronics Engineering at STU is proud to be the major with a high percentage of students able to get good jobs after graduation (over 90%). 

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