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Established in the beginning of 2007, the Faculty of Industral Design (FoID) has been strongly invested. 
With the morden credit-based system, the FoID has currently trained about 2,000 students at the bachelor, assoicate and inter-disciplinary levels. With strong efforts to become one of the leading fine-arts training institutions in Vietnam, we have constantly updated the contents and training methods in Design from developed countries. In the trend of international integration, we choose the philosophy of “Design for Sustainable Development” as the foundational criterion in our training future designers. Along with the basic skills in professional design, courses are carefully built up to provide students with diverse skills supportting their future jobs such as research skills, presentation skills and communication skills, planning skills, teamwork skills, and designing skills.

The system of studios and design workshops are newly invested in advanced design, incluiding studios for photograph, fashion design, graphics, interior decoration, product design, and workshops for pottery, painting and garments, 
In combination of theory lectures and projects, the FoID at STU is now well equipped with modern and synchroneous falicities, maximally meeting the requirements for teaching, learning and practice.

On registering specialized courses in Semester 3 (the 2nd academic year), students orient their own future. Design is a “hot” industry due to the high demands from society. However, the choice of favorite specilizations to promote their strengths and meet their family’s desire that is the first test to demonstrate the bravery of future designers. 
After graduation, students can can be in charge of jobs in the following areas:
    • Product Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Interior Decorations
    • Fashion Design
    • Theory and History of Design

The credit-based training programs consist of theory and pratice courses, and specialized projects. Thanks to them, students have opportunities to study, reasearch, accumulate and expand their knowledge, enhance their competence, practise skills of painting, art design, computer design, foreign language, presentation and communication, individual and group work. Our target is providing professional designers who are able to meet the practical demands from national and international employers. The training system of all the levels includes: the bachelor program of 4 years, the associate program of 3 years, and the pathway program of 1,5 years.
After the two first semesters, i.e. in the summer semester of the first academic year, the students have to participate in a one-week field trip at locations of historical buildings and beautiful landscapes in Vietnam or other countries. Learning about the beauty of nature and the famous architectural works helps students to obtain more valuable practical knowledge. At the same time, under the instruction of the FoID dedicated and experienced lecturers, the students have opportunities to explore and learn about the cultural beauty, people, interesting differences among regions or nations.
Also, at the end of the second semester of the first academic year, the students have to make decisions and register their specilizations. They attend courses of their specilizations from the first semester of the second academic year. Choosing the right specilization of interest and strength is a very important step that each of them should take into careful consideration.
From the second academic year onwards, courses are designed for separate specilizations. Students attend the courses desgined for their choosen specilization such as Graphic Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Fashion Design, etc. Step by step, theory courses and practical projects lead students into the world of professional design. They then have opportunities to discover, practise and demonstrate their own creation.
The internship course in the summer semester of the second academic year and the graduation internship course in the summer of the third academic year are designed to help students have more opportunities to get acquainted with the environemnt of practical design for production and service.
Annually, the Exhibition on individual works on the occasion of the FoID Traditional Day is really an opportunity for the students to introduce themselves and their own products during their learning process.
Aslo, a student club has been built to create a link as well as an exchange platform for the FoID student community. All creative ideas, aids, study connections are exchanged and develpoped in this club. Hopefully, it becomes the central point for future designers who are studying at STU.

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