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A. STU building:

From 1997 to early 2002, the training of STU was mainly conducted at the location 345 Ben Chuong Duong Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City (This first campus is 6.500 m2 wide. The total area of all classrooms, laboratories and workshops is approximate 6000 m2 and their structures are from 1 to 3 floors. Each of the building has its own large lobby, and the school yard has bonsai and a lot of parterres. This creates comfortable scenery and a good education environment. There are also parking areas to for students to protect their vehicles or motorbikes from the rain or sun. The canteen is large and clean with enthusiastic services. The dormitory located inside the school has an annual admission of about 200 students. Actually, STU creates favorable conditions for students to study, research. This university also attracts lots of sympathy and support from the students, as well as their relatives and friends.) – so called Building No 1. Together with strongly comprehensive development, the University put into use the new Building in the first semester of the academic year 2002 – 2003 at Canh Dong Dieu (Kite Field), District 8, Ho Chi Minh City.


Campus No 2: (180 Cao Lo, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City):

The University owns a square campus, over 20,000 m2 wide, located on 180 Cao Lo, District 8, near the bridges of Nguyen Tri Phuong, Chanh Hung and Ta Quang Buu Street. The main building, over 28,000 m2 wide, has been built at this location. This new building includes 89 lecture-rooms, 74 laboratories, the workshop, the computer center, and the hall and the canteen, etc. The architects have paid special attention to a modern building construction, having appearance of a technical University with harmonious colors and cubes.

This building is especially featured by plenty of trees, parterres, and artificial water falls. The front and inside yards of the University are large and quiet, which are taken care of like a small park, creating a quiet environment for students loving study and research. The University also provides land based and wireless internet connections for students to access the internet easily in the University lobby.

Behind the building, there is a multi-function playground and a football ground. Near the football ground is going to be a new student dormitory with about 500 living quaters.

B. Classrooms and laboratories:

1. Classrooms: Both of the two buildings include 89 classrooms in total. The classrooms are high, light and cool and having good acoustics.

2. Laboratories and Workshops: The University has made great efforts in supplying equipments to ensure its “technology specialization”. Except for the Faculty of Business Administration, using the laboratory and informatics software as the main scientific materials, each of the other Faculties has its own laboratory, workshop or specialist computer room. Up to now, STU has the following laboratories and workshops:

  • General physics laboratory;
  • General chemistry laboratory;
  • Digital circuits laboratory;
  • Microcomputer Laboratory;
  • Electronic circuits Laboratory;
  • Electric circuit Laboratory;
  • Applied electronics Laboratory;
  • Telecommunication Laboratory;
  • Optical fiber communication;
  • Automatic control Laboratory;
  • Electricity Workshops;
  • Basic electricity Workshop;
  • Technical electricity Workshop;
  • Basic cold Workshop;
  • Mechanic measurement Workshop;
  • Welding Workshop;
  • Mechanic transmission Workshop;
  • Civil Engineering Laboratory;
  • Computer room for specialized construction;
  • Geodesy equipment room;
  • Chemist Food Laboratory;
  • Food microbiologist Laboratory;
  • Perceptible Laboratory;
  • Computer hardware Laboratory;
  • Computer center with nearly 300 networking computers, land based and wireless internet ADSL;
  • Fashion design Studio;
  • Fine Art Studio;
  • Mock Model Workshop;
  • Graphic and Photography Studio.

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