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At present, the University is organized under a 2-level training system: School Buildings and Departments, Faculties, Main Staffs. Besides, there are some subjects related to STU.

A. University’s leaders:

1. Board of Directors (BoD):

The Board of Directors is also the University Council, the highest organization in the University. It is responsible for establishing guidelines and policies on comprehensive development of STU. It was established by many dedicated people including teachers, scientists, administrators and especially the people who were directly involved in the original planning for the University. The leader is the Chairman of the BoD.

In STU, BoD also takes responsibility for investment and capital construction of works with a big investment scale.

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2. Managing board:

The leader is the President who fully represents for the University in society and legal matters.

The President was appointed with the agreement from BoD under appointing decisions on the Ministry of Education and Training.

At present, the President at STU is Assoc. Prof. Cao Hao Thi, Ph.D.

After reaching an agreement from BoD, the President appointed Vice Presidents who were recognized by the Ministry of Education & Training. The Vice Presidents work under the President’s direction. O¬n behalf of the President, The Vice Presidents operate and take responsibility for some of the President’s assigned duties.

3. Council of Sciences & Training:

The Council of Sciences and Training plays an important role in advising the President about the orientation of basic research and training, in order to help the University maintain a stable and firm development, promote innovation and increase in competitive and developing capacity in addressing changing trends. The members of the Council include the leading scientists at the University as well as the University staffs and outstanding businessmen in society.

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B. Departments and Boards:

Acting as advisors for the President and executing particular functions in school management at functioning departments and some other departments.

1. Department of Scientific Management and External Affairs:

The department of scientific management and external affairs has an advisory function to the President in orienting and organizing scientific studies for lecturers and students. This department also helps the president managing the cooperation activities at home and abroad in order to extend STU activities and find partners for training and scientific research. In addition, this department takes the responsibility for monitoring the improvement of Faculty Career, developing the scientific capacity of lecturers through scientific research, technology transfer as well as supporting their studies at the master or doctoral level. The President takes this department advices to determine the university training career path and outcomes, and construct the training programs based o¬n the general regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the private characteristics of the University.

2. Department of Training:

The department of training has function as an advisor to the President in training organnization, establishing teaching and learning activities for the regular trainning system including the timetable and schedules. It also coordinates with the heads of the departments in hiring and assigning lecturers. Entrance examinations, teaching and learning organization, testing, and graduations are administered by this department. Furthermore, it also has other functions such as managing the files and database o¬n training, managing the academic results of students, monitoring the teaching activities of the lecturers in order to help the managing board implement policies of salary and reward for lecturers fully. This Department also coordinates well with the Planning – Financing Department in monitoring the receipt of tuition and other fees.

3. Personnel & Administrative Affairs:

This Personnel & Administrative Affairs has the responsibility to assist the President in organizing all managing activities conformed to the general school  regulations orderly and harmoniously. This department handles sent or received correspondences and official documents in STU. It ensures that  information flows smoothly, and is stored securely. All important correspondences including student mails are delivered to the appropriate offices.  Other relevant matters are timely addressed to the concerned functioning departments in the University. The Department has the function of ensuring order and security in the University, and acts in accordance with the University’s regulations a management capacity: organizing works, electricity, water and information networks; purchasing and doing small restoration, etc, and coordinating with the Planning – Financing Department to new equipments for training and invest at the University.

4. Department of Planning & Finance:

As an advisor for the President, Department of Planning & Finance carries out the planning – financing work, handles finance and materials in STU,  manages financial matters effectively such as income & expenditure usage, and does budget and STU’s asset management. Tuition fees are received at this department..

On behalf of  STU, the Department of Planning & Finances deals with on completed tax payment duties such as the state tax bureau.

5. Department of Student Affairs:

The Department of Student Affairs acts as an advisor for the President, and implements policies and methods to help students practicing with o¬n-going improvement. This develops student’s characters & talents comprehensively during their studying at the University, and conducts the information about the school regulations. This department  and Youth League, as well as  Student Association, co-ordinate to assist students in morality,  personality training, and give advices o¬n academic matters, career opportunities, psychological life for students, organizing spiritual life, various art shows, and sport competitions.

This Department also has the function of organizing parties, festivals and holidays at the University.

6. Councils of University-level:

Besides the Council of  Science and Training, the President may set up other special councils depending on the operating demands of the University as the following:

  • Council for Development Advisory.
  • Council for Entrance Exam.
  • Council for Graduation.
  • Council for Recruitment.
  • Council for Competition, Compliments and Rewards.
  • Council for Discipline.

7. Other Departments:

In order to meet the training, researching and assist the diverse activities of the staff and students, STU also has the following units:

  • Electronics Library: It collects, archives, handles and provides information such as newspapers, magazines, and news for the staffs and students through STU via networking. Besides the textbooks, the present references have increased approximately 6000 books. The library also connects with the library system and the information centre at home to update officers and students informations.


  • School Service Center: It is has responsibilities to provide lectures, officers, and students good services in order to create favorable conditions in their working and learning environment. Serving is the major principle of this Center, this creates comfort and convenience in the University. This part servers the followings: dormitory, eating room – canteen, photocopy group, and transportation. (at present, this is provisional duty of the Department of  Planning and Finances)

C. Faculties:

The leader of each faculty  is the Dean of  Faculty. At SaigonTechnologyUniversity, all of the Deans of  Faculty are scientists holding doctorates or/and the titles of professors or associate professors.

The Deans of  Faculty are responsible for organizing and managing all activities within the scope of  his/her faculty. After getting approval from BoD, the President appoints the Deans of  Faculty. Deputy Deans of  Faculty are nominated by the respective Deans and appointed by the President.

The Deans of  Faculty manage the training and research in their scope, pay full attention to the intellectual training, morality, characteristics all of the students. The training content and methods to meet the standards of international and regional Universities are an urgent and heavy responsibility for the Deans of  Faculty. The faculty plays a great role in the implementation of “local democracy”. The board of the Dean of  Faculty conducts inspection, compliments, rewards and discipline for staff and students in their scope frequently. The faculty is responsible for comments or recommendations on its own visual aids or researching equipments. In the short term, the top priority of  each faculty is to examine administrative responsibility, the existing equipment in use, and present materials at the workshops and the laboratories effectively or not.

Besides the major duty of training, fostering and exchanging professional abilities between colleagues inside and outside of the faculties is a focus activity..

The Council of  Scientific & Training established by the President’s decision plays the consultative role for the Dean of Faculty  about crucial directions related to the training activities and faculty’s  research.

Up to now, the following faculties are available at STU:



Training field





Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electronics - Telecommunication

Industrial Electricity

Automatic Control System


Information Technology



Food Technology

Food Technology


Business Administration

Business Administration, Accounting - Auditing


Civil Engineering

Industrial and Civil Construction, Bridges and Roads Construction, Water Supply





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