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The annual conversation for FFT Students in the academic year 2019 – 2020

Update 20/06/2020 - 04:23:34 PM (GMT+7)

On the evening of June 19th, 2020 at Hall A of Saigon Technology University took place program: “The annual conversation for FFT Students”

The annual conversation for FFT Students is an activity to implement democratic regulations. It is the direct communication channel of FFT and STU for obtaining the desire, difficulties, troubles of students so that we can promptly explain, give solutions and help students . 
Attending the program was the presence of:
- Assoc. Prof. Hoang Kim Anh – Dean of Food Technology Faculty
- MSc. Lê Thị Phương Hằng - Member of Party Committee – In charge of Student and Student Affairs Office
- Mr. Pham Le Nhat Trung - Youth Union Secretary of school
- Staffs, lecturers and representatives of students of all courses of FFT.

This conversation is also activity of the faculty that can contribute effectively to reach goals and improve the quality of training.



The queries of student related to:
-    The internship placement and the relation ship between the companies and STU in that activity; 
-    The connection for jobs of students after graduation
-    Grade point average, 
-    Classes for students, especially seniors, who wish to improve their scores. 
-    The maintenance status of classroom and facilities such as projector systems, fans,..


In addition to directly answer student’s questions from Faculty Executive Board, the academic advisors reported the troubles, difficulties and cleared up queries of  students in their class.
Through this activity, FFT as well as STU also required academic advisors, secretary of FFT to keep receiving, and solving troubles of students. Besides, students are reminded to be more proactive and responsible for themselves and for their commune.


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