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FFT’s Students got second prize in Food Quizbowl Competition (FQB) at 16th ASEAN FOOD CONFERENCE Bali - Indonesia

Update 22/10/2019 - 10:31:51 AM (GMT+7)

In the outline of the AFC Bali 2019 program, The Food Quizbowl Competition (FQB) is a meaningful activity for Food Technology students in ASEAN. 

Each country had selected and trained one team of four students who studied in a food technology major to attend this competition. The attended team had to answer the multiple-choice questions, which are given by honor and well-known professors in the food science and technology.


 Vietnam team and other FQB teams

The FQB team represented for Vietnam consists of 4 students; there are three students from International University - HCM National University and one student from Saigon Technology University, who is Phạm Thị Xuân Dung from D16_TP03. 


Vietnam FQB team showed their answer to the judge


There are eight teams attended FQB this year, which are Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines. Notably, the Vietnam team had overcome the selection round with the highest score and proudly achieved the second prize in the final round, with only 2 points lower than the Thailand team.


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