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Update 25/06/2020 - 06:13:37 PM (GMT+7)

Scientific research is carried out in parallel with teaching and learning, and is open for students’ participation. Not only do scientific research’s results have real-world application and academic values, but they also play a positive role in students’ and lecturer’s teaching and learning activities. 

At the STU, students can access a variety of funding for scientific research. These funding comes from research projects at the University, the department, and the ministry level; or businesses-sponsored product development projects led or joined by lecturers. The University also has a Scientific Research Fund specifically for students. In addition to being financially supported, students will also receive help in expertise and motivation from lecturers and the faculty executive board. Every FFT’s laboratory has well-defined and publicized operating procedures to support students’ scientific research effectively. The Faculty’s specialized book stack with many valuable reference materials is always ready for students to utilize and to look up information. For their research, students can either work independently or collaborate with a lecturer. In the period from 2016 - 2019, many scientific papers with student participation have been published.

FFT’s students are also encouraged to participate in Scientific Research and Product Development Contests organized by the Faculty, as well as other competitions organized by organizations, businesses, and other universities. Through these competitions, students have the opportunities to expose themselves to new ideas and people; to learn and improve their research capabilities; to polish their initiative and self-study skills; and to acquire a deeper passion for their field. 

In particular, FFT’s students have won first prize in the EUREKA creative student contest (by HCMC Youth Association) in 2011, third prize in the “Listen when the food speaks contest” (by HUTECH and Center for Hi-tech Agriculture) in 2013, high prizes in the VAFoST-UBM Safe Food for Young Talents Award at Fi Vietnam 2014, 2015 and 2016, second prize in the Quizbowl competition at 16th ASEAN Food Conference in Bali, Indonesia 2019.

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