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STU Food Development Awards 2018" – SFDA 2018

Update 18/12/2018 - 02:56:02 PM (GMT+7)

Faculty of Food Technology successfully organized the competition named “STU Food Development Awards 2018” – SFDA 2018, for FFT’s students. After more than four months of preparation, the thirty-eight teams excellently completed and submitted their products matched with the theme “Herbal” of the competition. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Kim Anh gave a speech in the open ceremony

The judges and the participants


The judges panel, including the FFT’s lecturers and the representative of the R&D Department from enterprises and food processing plants, such as Pham Nguyen Foods Company, Vietnam Foods Company, had selected the outstanding ideas:

  • Frist prize: Zanthoxylum rhetsa barbeque sauce.
  • Second prize: Hibicus beverage KAZ.
  • Third prize: Soybean sauce with probiotic and prebiotic – Soybeanaise
  • 02 Consolation prizes: Star-anise barbeque sauce, and Ginger-Chrysanthemum jelly.
  • 05 Potential prizes: Green tea with aloe vera jam cookies, Monk fruit and chrysanthemum candy, Wolfberry and lotus seed cookies, RC Lemon herbal jelly, Chrysanthemum condensed herbal tea with raisin. 
  • People’s choice award: Corn silk, sterculia foetida and chrysanthemum tea.


FFT student presented their ideas

Zanthoxylum rhetsa barbeque sauce


The competition was sponsored by FFT’s alumni association, Kerry Taste & Nutrition, Ưu Việt FoodTech Company.


Prizes were awarded to the winning teams by Prof. Dr. Luu Dzuan


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