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Update 25/06/2020 - 10:09:55 AM (GMT+7)

Though constrained with limited equipments and budget for research, STU-Food Tech has always been supportive and encouraging of our lecturers’ scientific research. Through scientific research, lecturers expand, deepen, and update their wealth of knowledge, while gaining more skills and real-world experience to improve their lectures. Some research results have been implemented into the program’s curriculum

Within our areas of expertise, STU-Food Tech has conducted research and offered solutions that have been widely applicable in the industry, such as drying and dehydrating of agricultural produce, product development from meat, egg, dairy, and seafood ingredients; preserving and processing fruits and vegetables; production of bioethanol and plant protein concentrate from brackish algae… Results and findings of our scientific research in the past few years have partly served the needs of society. We have offered effective solutions to real problems and were recognized for our work. 

In the past 10 years, STU-Food Tech chaired and participated in 14 R&D and technology transfer projects at all levels, published 6 textbooks and reference books in Vietnamese, publicized 48 papers in reputable international scientific journals and proceedings of international conferences.

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