Introduction of The Food Biotechnology Laboratory

Update 21/07/2020 - 02:20:12 PM (GMT+7)

The Food Biotechnology laboratory is one of five laboratories of the Food Technology Faculty of Saigon Technology University. The laboratory has the function of teaching practice courses: Food Microbiology and Food Biotechnology. Besides that, the laboratory is also used for scienctific research of lecturers and students. 

The laboratory is equipped with many equipment for teaching. In addition, the laboratory's equipment also partially meets the scientific reseach demands of students and lecturers. Subjects are being taught at the Food Biotechnology laboratory:

  • Fundamental Microbiology Practice
  • Food Microbiology Practice
  • Food Biotechnology Practice
  • Modern Technique in Food Processing and Food Biotechnology Practice  

Every year, the laboratory has plants to repair, upgrade and buy new equipment that can improve learning and activities.


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