Food Sensory Laboratory

Update 05/08/2019 - 10:04:12 AM (GMT+7)

The Food Sensory Laboratory (FSL) is a part of the Food Technology Faculty's laboratory system.

To equip knowledge on food sensory evaluation, food quality analysis, research on consumer tastes and behaviors of food products, FSL has been invested with the modern equipment system, and equivalent to other laboratories in the same area countries.


Besides serving teaching and learning activities, the FSL is a reliable place to support food companies that need to be consulted and organizing research projects related to product development, investigating the requirements of consumers or evaluating food quality. 


The FSL always receives professional support from leading professors in the field of Food Sensory such as Prof. Dr. Luu Dzuan - one of scientists initiated the Food Sensory Assessment course in Vietnam, along with other experienced experts.

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