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Update 27/06/2020 - 02:29:14 PM (GMT+7)

Since its establishment, the Faculty has developed into one of solid expertise, rich real-world experience, and effective teaching methodologies, comprising staff and visiting lecturers. We share a culture of devotion, passion, and responsibility. Recently, the Faculty has 27 staff lecturers, including 1 Professor, 3 Associate Professors, 3 PhD, 19 Masters of Science, 2 engineers, and 5 support staffs. Among them, many have been invited to guest lecture and supervise graduate and doctoral students overseas, such as at Bourgogne University (France, 2006), Seoul University (South Korea, 2007), and Pingtung University (Taiwan 2008-2009). 

Lecturers’ continuous development is one of the Faculty’s top priorities. Thus, each year, the FFT trains young lecturers on pedagogical methodologies and lab technicians on lab management and modern analytical methods. Furthermore, FFT’s lecturers often attend specialized workshops, scientific conferences in Vietnam and abroad, such as in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. Currently, five lecturers are working on their doctoral theses and two their Masters’.

The FFT also invites experts – from other universities, research academies, food manufacturing and commerce businesses – to guest lecture courses or specialized seminars in food technology. We also welcome world-renowned professors through the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST)’s Visiting Professor Program. In addition, we maintain close ties with food-related businesses, where students participate in faculty-organized field trips and industry placements to gain valuable real-world’s experiences. Feedbacks from businesses form the basis on which the Faculty evaluates students’ learning and problem-solving abilities. 

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