Educational philosophy

The educational philosophy

Update 23/06/2020 - 03:48:20 AM (GMT+7)

On the basis of the University’s educational philosophy “Quality - Placing students at the center”, the food technology program is developed with the purpose of educating future food technology engineers with deep, expansive knowledge of their specialized field and the wider world, the professional skills and integrity to become productive members of society and meet employers’ demand.

The Faculty’s educational philosophy is built with following Core Values:

  • Being dynamic in a constantly changing and challenging environment
  • Being creative in a knowledge society and knowledge economy
  • Being honest and responsible to ourselves, the community and professional work.

The teaching and learning activities that meet the University’s and Faculty's educational philosophy include:

(1) Promoting active, students-focused teaching methodologies, using various methods to dynamically and effectively build a solid foundation of knowledge and a repertoire of academic skills.
(2) Empowering students to be curious and to take initiative, using seminars with international volunteering lecturers, scientific research competitions, and national and international conferences.
(3) Combining theory with practice: 

  • Factory field trips let students get familiar with the industry standards in food production and services, helping them apply their knowledge into real-world challenges;
  • Participation in product development projects for businesses helps students bring their creativity into effective, practical applications

(4) Training students to analyse and solve technical problems – from simple to complex – while developing their soft-skills in teamwork, communication, foreign language, information research, etc. that prepare for their lifelong learning.
(5) Providing counselling and fostering in students a love for the profession, honesty, professional integrity, and responsibility toward themselves, their work, and their community.

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