The students of Food Technology Faculty had a chance to cook and trim vegetables with the Chef Association

Update 30/05/2014 - 09:48:48 AM (GMT+7)

At May 17th, 2014, the FFT collaborated with the Saigon Professional Chef Association organized the program of  "Guide Cooking skills and vegetable trimming" for more than 150 students.

All students had the occasion to practice pruning vegetables to decorate more beautiful dishes such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins. Culinary Artist Bui Thi Suong, vice president of the Chef Association, directly guided the students through each step of the recipe and process of making 3 dishes: “Khoai cake”, “Thit ram me”, and “Ca Dieu hong nau me” hotpot.  Especially, with the sponsorship of Tai Ky Food Flour company, the students had the opportunity to understand more about specialities of the regions and make their own cakes.



Ms. Luu Mai Huong said: “This is a very meaningful activity for students of Food Technology Faculty, helping them to improve their knowledge and perception about Vietnamese’s culinary culture, and develop their cooking and decorating skills. The program was not only especially useful for female students, wives, and mothers in the future, but also an oportunity for male students to experience cooking, preparing delicious and beautiful meals”.



On this occasion, the representing of the Executive Board of Saigon Professional Chef had a meeting with the FFT’s Executive Board to discuss about the cooperation and professional exchange activities among the Chefs of the Association with the experts in nutrition, sensory, food safety, and culinary culture of the Faculty.



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