The collaboration with enterprises

Update 27/06/2020 - 11:16:02 AM (GMT+7)

1. Industry visits, internships, and specialized courses

Besides lectures and lab sessions, STU-Food Tech students also joined field trips and take senior year internships at large-scale food manufacturers such as Ajinomoto, Vedan, Vinamilk, Coca Cola, VIFON, Cau Tre, etc where they can gain hands-on, professional experiences that will help improve their job prospect in after graduation. 

In addition to a credit-system curriculum, and based on the needs of students, STU-Food Tech has coordinated with the HCMC Preventive Medical Center to organize Food Safety Awareness campaigns carried out by students, and various soft-skill courses such as resume writing, presentation skills, negotiation skills, and self-marketing. Food quality management courses such as ISO 22000 and HACCP are offered to senior students before graduation in order to equip them with essential know-how to enhance their chances at finding jobs.



2. Employment opportunities for graduates

Compared to other job sectors, food technologists and engineers are in great demand in an agriculture country like Vietnam. Since 2004, we have groomed and supplied for Vietnam’s labour market more than 2000 food technologists and engineers with high employability. Statistics in the last 5 years show that 90% of FFT’s graduates found employment within 1 year of graduation.

Overall, most FFT alumni are holding key positions in research and management at universities, institutes, agencies, state departments and food production enterprises. They have proven themselves to be professionally capable, well-equipped with soft skills, passionate about their career, persistent in the face of challenges, and innovative in problem solving.

Every year, the Faculty and University organize activities to facilitate networking and meetings between students and businesses. This helps students orientate their career choices, plan their study, and acquire skills and knowledge which employers need. Students also regularly meet successful alumni, who share their experience with jobs interviewing, job search, and their work in the industry. Alumni also establish and manage a Facebook page, acting as an information channel on employment for current food technology students. In addition, the Faculty collaborates with domestic and international professional associations, such as VAFoST and IUFoST, to organize product development competitions, bringing students and businesses together

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