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In 1997, the Faculty of Food Technology (FFT) is one of the first established faculties of Saigon Technology University, and is the leading training centre for high-tech human resources in the country. In 2016, the Food Technology undergraduate program was officially recognized as meeting IUFoST’s guidelines in Food Science and Technology.

For the past more than 20 years, STU-Food Tech has been growing from strength to strength. It has been 20 years of hardwork, tough strategic decisions, and constant differentiation in order to remain a strong contender among the competition of other universities, high demands of students and rising expectation of the labor market. Each and every effort made by the faculty’s members has been worthwhile judging from the results in educating and training food technologists, developing staff’s competencies, embracing international collaborations, conducting scientific research and consulting and transferring technologies. 



Organizational Structure and infrastructure 
The Faculty of Food Technology has a modern laboratory system for students' study and research:

  • Food Science Laboratory: Chemistry, Food Biochemistry, Food Analysis
  • Food Quality Laboratory: Food analysis, Food sensory evaluation
  • Laboratory of Food Biotechnology: Food Microbiology, Food Biotechnology
  • Laboratory of Food Engineering: Food engineering, Food processing technology
  • Laboratory of Food Technology: Food technology, Packaging Technology, Product Development
  • Laboratory of Product Development: Product development, scientific research and technology transfer


Organizational Structure of the Faculty of Food Technology


Human resource
Recently, the Faculty of Food Technology has a total of 32 members, of whom 27 are staff lecturers with 01 Professor, 03 Associate Professors, 03 PhDs, 19 Masters of Science and 1 engineer. The Faculty has also built a wide network of visiting lecturers from prestigious national and international universities such as HCMC University of Technology, International University, Seoul National University, etc.

Chair of the FFT’s Academic and Scientific Committee - Prof. Dr. Luu Dzuan is one of the founding members of Saigon Technology University, the first Vietnamese to be elected to the International Academy of Food Science and Technology. 

At the 19th Global Food Conference of the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST) in Mumbai, India, Prof. Luu Dzuan - Fellow of International Academy of Food Science and Technology, Executive member of the Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology (VAFoST) - was honored with the "Life Time Achievement Award" - recognizing his contributions to Food Science, Technology and Engineering in Vietnam, and in the world.


Prof. Dr. Luu Dzuan


Training program
-    Master's degree, advanced program, 1.5 years duration.
-    Bachelor’s degrees:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Food Technology (full undergraduate program – 4 years duration)
  • Associate Bachelor’s of Engineering (polytechnic diploma – 3 years duration)
  • Transfer program from College to University (2 years) 
  • The programs are always updated with new trends in the field of food technology. 

-    Professional training after graduation based on employer requirements.
-    Technology transfer training and new product development.
-    Specialized training courses, short-term classes with prestigious certification: Food quality management, Food analysis, Food marketing.

Main courses

  • Food science: Food Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Food Physics, Nutrition, Food Safety, Sensory Evaluation and Food Analysis.
  • Food engineering and technology: Post-harvest technology, Food processing technology, Food biotechnology, Food engineering, Physical chemistry, Technology design.
  • Food development and management: Food marketing, Product development, Food law, Culinary culture, Production management, Quality management, Engineering work.

Besides, the FFT also focuses on using English and information technology in training and scientific research. Some courses in the curriculum are being transferred to teach in bilingual English - Vietnamese.

Foreign affair

The Faculty of Food Technology has a long-standing and sustainable relationship with domestic and foreign universities. Since 2010, the faculty has welcomed more than 20 leading professors in the world to teach students and foster professional training for lecturers under the "Visiting Professor Program”, initiated by Prof. Luu Dzuan.


Signing ceremony of the "Visiting Professor Program" between Mrs. Judith Meech - General Secretary of IUFoST,

Prof. Dr. Luu Dzuan - Representative of VAFoST Saigon and Dr. Nik Ismail Nik Daud - Chairman of Federation of Institutes of Food Science

and Technology in ASEAN (FIFSTA) in 2010


The Faculty of Food Technology is one of the active members of the Vietnam and international Associations of Food Science and Technology (VAFoST, FIFSTA, and IUFoST). Through these international cooperation activities, the faculty regularly organizes student exchange programs or assists students in receiving postgraduate training scholarships at the universities in Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore…


Students of Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore in student exchange program at STU


Opportunities for students

During the time studying at STU, students have many opportunities to access and participate in domestic and international activities related to food technology.

  • International exhibitions and scientific conferences: International Exhibition on Food Packaging (Propak), International Exhibition on Food Ingredients (FI), International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Food (ICSAF), "Safe Food for Young Talents - YASFA" contest


Fi International Exhibition and Conference held at SECC

  • Professional activities of the Faculty: scientific research contests, new product development contests (SFDA).


Student of Food Technology Faculty won Eureka Award


  • Activities of professional organizations: Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology (VAFoST), Vietnam Culinary Culture Association, Food Safety and Hygiene Technology Association 
  • Enhancing professional qualifications and integration capabilities through collaborative research programs, exchange of lecturers and international students.


Prof. V. Pakrakash and Prof. Jamuna Prakash taught students about nutrition at STU in the Visiting Professor program


Employment opportunities
Students have the opportunity to work in many fields of food technology such as:

  • Food manufacturing and processing 
  • Research and development of new food productsQuality management at company and state levels
  • Production management
  • Marketing and Food services
  • Business owners



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