STU – FOSTIM alumni club

Update 27/06/2020 - 11:19:48 AM (GMT+7)

STU – FOSTIM Alumni Club is social media active from the Facebook page called STU-FOSTIM Alumni Club. The club is now comprised of 400 members, and recently very active in connecting STU-Food Tech alumni. Through the club, alumni can get in touch to exchange information, offer help and support in professional and personal situations. Business contracts have been signed from the reconnection of former classmates through this club. Former students also refer job opportunities to the faculty to assist current and fresh graduate students in landing jobs in the field. 

Several alumni who are now successful entrepreuneurs have established a scholarship foundation for STU-Food Tech high achieving students who face financial difficulties. The Alumni Club also plays a crucial role in promoting the bonding between lecturers and students, and helping current students understand what is out there in the real world of the food industry – the expectations and recent developments. Alumni are a great source of information for the continuous update of STU-Food Tech curriculum to ensure our students are ready for the constant changes in the industry.

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