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For a university, teaching is one of the most important missions. To serve the demand for Food Technology education in Vietnam and have access to the advances of Food Technology in the world, STU-Food Tech’s curriculum was built from the curricular framework iussed by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training, which was advised by Prof. Dr. Luu Dzuan and his council in 2006, with particular reference to the IUFoST’s curriculum (1998). 
The program was developed in line with the University’s vision and mission and the FFT’s educational philosophy, with the involvement of professors, lecturers, stakeholders, managers of food related public and private organizations, representatives from occupational associations and potential employers; and at the same time aimed to cater to professional and personal development needs of students, as well as expectations of labor recruiters. 

    Curriculum’s description:

  • In term of theory: A just right balance of basic subjects and major core subjects, every syllabus is updated frequently with new knowledge, and practical insights, carried out by differentiated approaches in teaching.  
  • In term of practice: Lab exercises and module projects are designed to be as real as in an actual manufacturing condition as possible, helping students to gain a solid foundation so that they can take on real tasks in food factories, food businesses, any organizations that manufacture, trade, research and manage food, or do training and consulting on food related matters.

The current curriculum also receives suggestions and advice from experts – domestic and international professors, especially IUFoST’s professors through the Visiting Professor program. These inputs have helped FFT design a program where learners can access up-to-date knowledge and engage in an international environment.

In 2014, the program was revised to prepare for assessment by IUFoST. At the World Congress of Food Science and Technology 2016 in Dublin, Ireland, the curriculum was officially recognized as meeting IUFoST’s guidelines in Food Science and Technology.


Prof. Luu Dzuan at World Congress in Food Science and Technology, Dublin, Ireland

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