Faculty of Non - Regular Training



Update 05/10/2013 - 04:45:24 PM (GMT+7)

Setting up pursuant to the Decree No 31/QD-DSG in 30, June, 2005 of the President of STU, Faculty of Non- Regular Training has the following responsibilities: 

Researching need, putting forward executing the non- regular training forms in accordance with Ministry of Education and Training’ policy and STU’s one. 

Organizing and managing the non- regular training forms in accordance with Ministry of Education and Training’ regulations and STU’s one. 


Lecturers and collaborators are lecturers from STU’s faculties and the others from different universities (University of Polytechnic, University of Natural Sciences, University of Economics, University of Teacher’s Training, etc…) 


Faculty of Non- Regular Training has responsibility for organizing and training managing the university level, college level, and non- regular training one. Working and learning, regular training, in- service training with the majors: Information Technology, Electronics – Telecommunication, Mechatronics, , Civil Engineering (Industrial and Civil Construction, Bridges and Roads Construction, Water Supply), Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Business Administration (Business Administration, Accounting – Auditing), Fine Art.

The training programs for university’s diplomas or college’s diplomas as same as the regular training except for defense’s training subject, physical training subject. The training time is 4 years, or 9 terms. Teaching and learning in the evening.

Cooperating with training units, localities, businesses for training along the need of every learner, level, and STU”s ability

Up to this time, the faculty has trained 4 courses at university level with 74 graduates from Civil Engineering branch, and 350 students are studying at the first, second, and third year of the other branches: Mecharonics, Information Technology, Food Technology, Business Administration, and Civil Engineering. 


Common Functions