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Dear all professors and doctors, lecturers, staff and students at STU,
Up to this day, Saigon Technology University (STU) has undergone 12 years of establishment and development. Over the past 23 years, we have gone through various difficulties and hardship, and have built up strong solidarity and creativeness to help STU become a multidisciplinary training center which supplies highly-qualified specialists in science, technology and management to meet our nation’s need for economic and cultural development.
Over the 12 years of operation, STU has trained more than 21,000 students and produced almost 10,000 high-quality engineering and non-engineering graduates in Bachelors, Associates and vocational training programs.
Currently, STU is teaching around 9,500 students in 10 areas of technology, administration, and industrial art design. Among these students, 500 are undertaking the cooperative training program offered by STU and Troy University, USA.
STU has over 250 staff consisting of 154 lecturers, who are responsible for 65% of theoretical teaching and 100% of practical teaching. Nearly 50% of STU lecturers are professors, associate professors, doctors, and masters.
STU’s curricula are mainly technology-orientated and quickly updated with the latest knowledge, with special attention paid to practical knowledge.
With a student-centered philosophy, STU is shifting from the year-based education system to the credit education system.
STU lecturers and students always actively participate in research projects and have good relationships with manufacturers and other businesses to improve students’ practical knowledge.
                    Looking back on the past 23 years, we could be proud of STU lecturers and students’ collective achievements, which have helped STU’s prestige to gain a new worthy status in our national university system and to start its international expansion.  
With the advent of new opportunities and challenges of this period of global integration and the reform of the Vietnamese higher-education system, in order to develop its achievements, STU needs to strive incessantly to become a prestigious center for training and scientific research, and to build a modern educational environment with both our national and STU-specific features, which will characterize the STU culture.

Assoc. Prof. Cao Hao Thi, Ph.D
Saigon Technology University


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