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Students attended the “Cooking Show” organized by Vietnam Cuisine Culture  Association 

Update 27/09/2020 - 07:23:11 AM (GMT+7)

September 28th, 2019, the Vietnam Association of Food Culture had a event to introduce about the Western folk foods of Vietnam to the world. On this occasion, the Food technology faculty has cooperated with the Vietnam Cuisine Culture Association to create conditions for students to participate in extra-curricular activities right at the program.


The students had an interesting time, they not only observed how to cook Western folk foods but also experienced cooking with professional chefs.



“Ancient islet and Goi tep rong bong dien dien” is made under the guidance of Nguyen Nhut Truong Chefs. By using simple and cheap materials from the family’s garden, every family can cook these two kinds of food for their family every weekend.


Goi tep rong bong dien dien


Cu Lao hotpot


“Ca soc soc kho lat”/Giant pangasius cooked with sauce: A long time ago, fish was the main material to prepare the meal for the family, which will be cook salty with lots of water to dip cucumber, sauerkraut or fried fish. To make the family meals more abundant, fish is braised with plenty of water to eat with water lilies in the flooding season. Gradually, through the talented hands of the Chefs, fish cooked with sauce will be further modified with other vegetables, such as hard-working vegetables, collective vegetables dip hot pot, making the dish even more attractive.



Artistic dumplings: familiar food that not only the children but also adults for their quickly breakfast. Through the talented hands and the creativity of Chef Diep Chan Hung, dumplings become more lively and more eye-catching. There are now international dumpling-shaped contests held every two years.



The lively and useful training activities helped students not only better understand Vietnamese cuisine, but also helped to supplement the knowledge for the subjects: Culinary culture, Product development,…






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