Food technology program 2017 – General information

Update 23/06/2020 - 04:24:35 AM (GMT+7)

In 2017, to improve their quality and prepare for accreditation at the institute level based on MoET’s standards, the Food technology program and its ELOs were revised (See details in the program specification).

During the process of developing and adjusting the training program:

  • Faculty members participate in forums and seminars on a regular basis to update, adjust and add more to the syllabus and lesson plans in order to be up to date with the trends of science and technology. 
  • The faculty also refers to public survey and statistics of trends and demands in the labor market, as well as needs and expectations of students and takes that into designing the syllabus. 
  • The curriculum design and development process are always based upon stakeholders’ suggestions and advice. Annually, questionnaires are sent to partner companies, college lecturers, current and alumni students to gather input on the curriculum. Based on the findings, changes and updates are made.

Teaching methods 
STU-Food Tech has always been keen on developing self-study, self-research and teamwork competencies for students. This reflects in the detailed syllabus of the courses – teaching methods embrace case studies, group assignments, essay writing, presentation, etc. 

Besides the lecture periods and practical lab sessions, STU-Food Tech organizes field trips and apprenticeship to food factories and food manufacturing companies a few times a year to help student gain more exposure to the real world. Feedbacks from the factories and companies are taken seriously in order to evaluate students’ ability to accumulate their knowledge and their competency in problem solving. 

Students assessments and Evaluation of education quality
STU-Food Tech has applied various methods in assessing and evaluating students through examinations and assignments, such as: essays, multiple choice questions, big scale assignments, group projects, oral tests. In addition, evaluation of lecturers’ teaching activities are carried out through post-course survey of students, observation of lectures, and lecturing demonstration. 

Evaluation of education quality is one of the key activities on which the whole university pays much attention. STU-Food Tech also conduct surveys on alumni to find out about their evaluation of STU’s education quality and their level of satisfaction after having graduated and finding a job.

STU-Food Tech also holds conferences and meetings to discuss and gather inputs from companies and recruiters about STU’s education quality so as to make necessary changes and adjustments in the curriculum and teaching methods.

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