Food technology program 2009 – General information

Update 23/06/2020 - 04:16:54 AM (GMT+7)

The first calendar-based food technology curriculum was developed in 2003-2004. In 2006, pursuant to MoET’s decision, Prof. Luu Dzuan - Dean of Food Technology Faculty – led the efforts in developing the Ministry's curriculum framework in Food Technology, based on IUFoST’s advanced curriculum.

MOET's decision on establishing a Council to develop a food technology framework program (Download)

In 2009-2010, based on MoET’s curriculum framework and other domestic and international curricula, the credit-based curriculum was developed and promulgated with 156 credits (129 theoretical and practical credits and 27 exercise credits). 

Referencing IUFoST's curriculum and taking into account students and employers’ requirements, the Faculty has incorporated into the curriculum subjects that were considered new and innovative, first time being taught in Vietnam such as Food Product Development, Food Marketing, Food Laws, Job scope of a food engineer, Communication Skills, Specialized English of Food Technology. These subjects help expand students’ know-how into the field of product development and food management (the blocks of knowledge that have been missing from the curriculum at other universities that offer Food Technology). Project courses 1, 2, and 3 were also added to develop students’ teamwork and problem-solving skills. The new knowledge in Food management area and intensive soft-skills training for students also help set STU-Food Tech apart on its own differentiated path to contribute in the development of Food Technolgy in Vietnam. 

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